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Elevate Your Business with Premier Lead Generation.

BoostedLead is a sales automation software designed for business lead generation, helping you convert B2B contacts, find targeted leads, extract emails and phone numbers, build email lists, and launch cold email campaigns to acquire more clients and enhance your demand generation efforts.

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Business Lead Generation for Marketers & Sales Teams
Unlock the potential of demand generation with our comprehensive solutions. Every day, new opportunities arise. Let us help you harness the power of extensive market data to elevate your business

Export Business Info

Find B2B contacts, build email lists, collect phone numbers, and more. Access to over 15M+ businesses and their data.

Create Targeted Mailing Lists

Create a targeted email list in no time. Scrape accounts, emails, phone numbers, and much more information with ease.

Send Email Campaigns

Automate email campaigns. Send customized emails to your targeted lists. Organize your campaign in our CRM.

business lead generation

Endless integrations available via Zapier.

Unlimited exports.

Add unlimited users.

Send unlimited emails.

Ready for lead generation?

Discover the pinnacle of business lead generation. Join today and tap into a world of unlimited B2B leads from a plethora of diverse companies. Enhance your client roster with our indispensable tools. Minimal investment, maximum returns.

Elevate your strategy with top-tier demand generation software. Join today for unlimited access to B2B leads across a broad spectrum of industries and companies. Enhance your client network with our indispensable tools. Invest small for substantial returns.

The best campaigns.

Send beautiful email campaigns to your leads. Create a one time email campaign, or send a sequence style campaign with follow up emails.

Email template builder.
Sequence campaigns.
Connect sender of your choice.

LinkedIn Extraction.

Extract data from profiles such as emails/names/phone.
Automate connection requests.
✓ Personalize connection requests.
Send contacts to campaigns.

Massive B2B Database.

Find every company and profile in one massive database.

Search over 500 million companies.
Search over 300 million contact profiles.
Unlimited exports & searches.
Organized CSV exports.

Over 200 features.

B2B heaven in a package. Export data from over 15 million businesses in an organized layout. Find out who is browsing your website with our live chat. Transfer all leads to the beautiful CRM tool.

Enrichment data tool to find new leads and emails.

Access leads from a massive list of 15M+ companies or domains from all over the world.  Built for B2B companies, salespeole and growth agencies. Generate leads & prospect via email. Export leads directly to Excel.

Find emails, numbers, and social media info.

Extracts emails, social media information, URLs, usernames, and phone numbers from all pages of each website of your imported list of domains. All extracted data is available for download. This will greatly increase your arsenal of data.

Use name & company data to get an email list.

Import a CSV with first name, last name, and company/domain name. The tool will attempt to find the email of each contact from the email format. Generate emails from a list of businesses or domains.

Convert visitors into leads using our live chat.

Turn your visitors into valuable leads. Automatically chat with your website visitors and capture important information. Our live chat can easily be installed on any website. The collected leads can be sent by email, SMS, or into Slack.

Get a daily list of domains created on the internet.

Get a report of all domains created on a daily basis on the internet. Access ~100K leads of new domains created each day. Location, phone numbers, emails, domains, registered date, and more will be shown. A massive market potential.

Get more business reviews with our addon.

Every business needs a set of great feedback and reviews. Use our website addon on your website to increase reviews and ask your visitors to leave a review. Compatible with Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews. Get organic reviews.

Sales sequence (cadence) & news campaigns.

Create email sequence campaigns. Clients can add their own mail provider. Track opens, clicks, bounce, unsubscribe, and replies. Email campaigns at scale with high volume. Create high quality designs with our editor.

Ping our API to prevent fake registrations.

Ping our custom API to verify all registrations on your website. Verify if the email is valid and not a spam email prior to allowing users to register on your website. Reduce fake and spam visitors.

Social proof notifications boost credibility.

People want to know that others are using your product or service before interacting with your site. Use our social proof notification widget to display non-intrusive social proof messages to your visitors. 

Extract B2B emails from B2B Media Accounts

Extract emails and contacts from B2B social media profiles. Find new & targeted leads in one click and create targeted lists. Find high quality leads based on job title, location, country, industry, and company size.

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Pro Plan

  • 3000 contact exports per tool
  • 3000 company exports
  • 3000 live chat leads
  • 4000 email sends
  • 8 email campaigns
  • 3 user accounts
  • 3 website review addons
  • 3 website live chats
  • Convert names to domains
  • Convert visitors into leads via live chat
  • Convert emails to names & info
  • Increase website reviews
  • Increase social proof
  • Export emails from websites
  • Find B2B companies

Pro Plan

$590/year (2 months free)
  • 36000 contact exports per tool
  • 36000 company exports
  • 36000 live chat leads
  • 48000 email sends
  • 96 email campaigns
  • 3 user accounts
  • 36 website review addons
  • 36 website live chats
  • Convert names to domains
  • Convert visitors into leads via live chat
  • Convert emails to names & info
  • Increase website reviews
  • Increase social proof
  • Export emails from websites
  • Find B2B companies

Discover the Power of Business Lead Generation with BoostedLead

Save time and resources in your business lead generation journey. BoostedLead stands as the ultimate tool to uncover thousands of valuable leads.

Position yourself perfectly to engage the right audience and turn prospects into clients with our advanced lead search capabilities.

Join the ranks of growth-focused companies leveraging BoostedLead to consistently acquire new customers every month.

Leverage the power of our lead data to effectively reach potential clients through streamlined outreach campaigns.

Witness the transformative impact on your business lead generation efforts with BoostedLead.

Our cutting-edge lead generation solution is designed to significantly enhance your marketing campaigns. Experience the BoostedLead difference today.

Enhance Your Strategy with Advanced Business Lead Generation

Streamlining Demand Generation for Business Success

Elevate your market strategy with BoostedLead’s business lead generation expertise. Our innovative platform specializes in business lead generation, ensuring your B2B interactions are more impactful. Perfect for those focusing on business lead generation, BoostedLead provides tailored solutions to meet the unique demands of your market. Our approach goes beyond typical business lead generation, fostering lasting relationships that translate into tangible business growth. With BoostedLead, transform your approach to business lead generation into a strategic, result-driven asset.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this software built for?

Our tools are amazing for agencies, marketers, advertisers, data brokers, and sales teams. However, it can also be used by anyone who works with outbound marketing such as cold calls, cold emails, and direct emails.

How can this help my business?

There are millions of businesses in the world that can be advertised to. Our software helps you find these businesses and turn them into leads. There are over 200 features on the software to help you with everything to do with leads. Make email campaigns, set up a live chat for your website, find local businesses with any criteria, and many more powerful tools to utilize.

How many team members can I add to the dashboard?

Unlimited team members can be added to your dashboard.

Is there a contract?

There is no contract to use our software. You can also cancel at anytime. Try our free trial before subscribing.

Do I have unlimited access?

Every feature or tool in BoostedLead is available for your use unlimitedly. We do not place limits on amount of leads, emails sent, exports, or anything else.

Real Client Testimonials.

Our company has been using this software for about 2 years. It continues to help us with the prospecting process, ultimately leading to more clients for our web agency. The email campaign is very useful as well. It has been proven effective and we will be sticking with them for a long time to come.

Screenshot 2022-12-04 at 1.07.34 PM

Kareem C.

Using the tools offered by BoostedLead, I can search for many companies who would be potential interested clients, and then I can build a targeted list to promote a drip email campaign. This is my favorite tool in our agency by far. It is an essential for us. Once you get used to it, it's difficult to go back.


Hussein Y.